An element of the alkali metal group, atomic no. 3, atomic wt. 6.941. Many of its salts have clinical applications. [Mod. L. fr. G. lithos, a stone]
- l. bromide LiBr; a white deliquescent powder, used as a sedative and hypnotic.
- l. carbonate an antirheumatic and antilithic agent, also used in the treatment and prophylaxis of depressive, hypomanic, and manic phases of bipolar affective disorders.
- l. citrate a diuretic and antirheumatic, also used in the treatment of manic psychosis.

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lith·i·um 'lith-ē-əm n
1) a soft silver-white element of the alkali metal group that is the lightest metal known and that is used in chemical synthesis and in storage batteries symbol Li see ELEMENT (table)
2) a lithium salt and esp. lithium carbonate used in psychiatric medicine

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a drug given by mouth to prevent episodes of manic-depressive psychosis or to treat mania. Side-effects include tremor, weakness, nausea, thirst, and excessive urination. Thyroid function can be interfered with, and changes in the kidney can appear after long-term lithium treatment. Excessive doses can cause an encephalopathy and even death. The levels of lithium in the blood are therefore usually checked during long-term therapy. Trade names: Camcolit, Liskonum, Priadel.

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lith·i·um (Li) (lithґe-əm) [Gr. lithos stone] a white metal; atomic number 3, atomic weight 6.939; its oxide, lithia, Li2O, is alkaline; its salts are solvents of uric acid to a certain extent in vitro: based on this, it was formerly erroneously thought to be indicated in gout and rheumatic conditions.

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