A benign neoplasm of adipose tissue, composed of mature fat cells. SYN: adipose tumor. [lipo- + G. -oma, tumor]
- l. annulare colli an encircling growth of l. (or coalescent lipomas) in the neck, resulting in a collar-like enlargement. SEE ALSO: Madelung neck.
- l. arborescens an irregularly shaped l. involving the synovial membrane of a joint, resulting in fingerlike or treelike hyperplastic folds in the villi.
- atypical l. l., occurring primarily in older men on the posterior neck, shoulders, and back, which is benign but microscopically atypical, containing giant cells with multiple overlapping nuclei forming a circle. SYN: pleomorphic l..
- l. capsulare a well-circumscribed mass resulting from a greatly increased amount of adipose tissue adjacent to the breast.
- l. cavernosum SYN: angiolipoma.
- l. fibrosum SYN: fibrolipoma.
- l. myxomatodes SYN: myxolipoma.
- l. ossificans a l. in which metaplasia occurs and small foci of bone are formed.
- l. petrificans a l. in which degeneration and necrosis results in a considerable amount of dystrophic calcification.
- pleomorphic l. SYN: atypical l..
- spindle cell l. a microscopically distinctive benign form of l. in which adipose tissue is infiltrated by fibroblasts and collagen; usually found in the shoulder or neck of elderly men.

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li·po·ma li-'pō-mə, lī- n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a tumor of fatty tissue
li·po·ma·tous -mət-əs adj

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n. (pl. lipomas or lipomata)
a common benign tumour composed of well-differentiated fat cells.

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lip·o·ma (lip-oґmə) [lip- + -oma] a benign, soft, rubbery, encapsulated tumor of adipose tissue, usually composed of mature fat cells; it generally occurs as a solitary lesion in the subcutaneous tissue of the trunk, nucha, or forearms but may occur in deeper soft tissues. lipomatous adj

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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