1. In general, any fat-splitting or lipolytic enzyme; a carboxylesterase; e.g., triacylglycerol l., phospholipase A2, lipoprotein l.. 2. SYN: triacylglycerol l..

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li·pase 'lip-.ās, 'līp-, -.āz n any enzyme (as one secreted by the pancreas) that catalyzes the breakdown of fats and lipoproteins usu. into fatty acids and glycerol

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an enzyme, produced by the pancreas and the glands of the small intestine, that breaks down fats into glycerol and fatty acids during digestion.

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lip·ase (lipґās) (liґpās) 1. triacylglycerol lipase. 2. any enzyme that hydrolytically cleaves a fatty acid anion from a triglyceride or phospholipid.

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