A war gas. It is a vesicant, a lung irritant like mustard gas, a systemic poison entering the circulation through the lungs or skin, and a mitotic poison arresting mitosis in the metaphase; dimercaprol is the antidote. SYN: β-chlorovinyldichloroarsine. [W. Lee Lewis, U.S. chemist, 1898–1943]

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lew·is·ite 'lü-ə-.sīt n a colorless or brown vesicant liquid C2H2AsCl3 developed as a poison gas for war use
Lewis Winford Lee (1878-1943)
American chemist. As an officer in the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service during World War I, Lewis developed the poisonous gas lewisite in 1918. Later in life he did research for the Institute of American Meat Packers.

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lew·i·site (looґi-sīt) [W. Lee Lewis, American chemist, 1879–1943] a lethal war gas; it is a vesicant, lacrimator, and lung irritant.

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