1. Relating to or resembling milk; milky. 2. A lymphatic vessel that conveys chyle. SYN: chyle vessel, l. vessel.
- central l. the blindly ending lymphatic capillary in the center of an intestinal villus.

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lac·te·al 'lak-tē-əl adj
1) relating to, consisting of, producing, or resembling milk <\lacteal fluid>
2 a) conveying or containing a milky fluid (as chyle) <a \lacteal channel>
b) of or relating to the lacteals <impaired \lacteal function>
lacteal n any of the lymphatic vessels arising from the villi of the small intestine and conveying chyle to the thoracic duct

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a blind-ended lymphatic vessel that extends into a villus of the small intestine. Digested fats are absorbed into the lacteals.

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lac·te·al (lakґte-əl) [L. lacteus milky] 1. milky. 2. lactic. 3. any of the intestinal lymphatics that transport chyle; so called because during absorption they are white from absorbed fat. Called also chyliferous vessel and lacteal vessel.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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