1. An intertwining of the ends of two cords, tapes, or sutures, in such a way that they cannot easily become separated; or a similar twining or infolding of a cord in its continuity. 2. In anatomy or pathology, a node, ganglion, or circumscribed swelling suggestive of a k.. [A.S. cnotta]
- false knots, false knots of umbilical cord local increases in length or varicosity of the umbilical vein, causing markedly apparent twisting of the cord.
- granny k. a double k. in which the free ends of the second loop are asymmetric and not in the same plane as the free ends of the first loop.
- Hensen k. SYN: primitive node.
- Hubrecht protochordal k. SYN: primitive node.
- laparoscopic k. a k. placed intracorporally through a laparoscopic instrument. The k. itself may be tied extracorporally and passed into the body through a cannula or the k. may be both placed and tied intracorporally.
- net k. SYN: karyosome.
- primitive k. SYN: primitive node.
- protochordal k. SYN: primitive node.
- square k. a double k. in which the free ends of the second loop are symmetric and in the same plane as the free ends of the first loop.
- surgeon's k. the first loop of the k. has two throws rather than a single throw. The second loop has only one throw and that is placed in a square k. fashion leaving the free ends in the same plane as the first loop.
- syncytial k. a localized aggregation of syncytiotrophoblastic nuclei in the villi of the placenta during early pregnancy. SYN: syncytial bud, syncytial sprout.
- true k., true k. of umbilical cord actual intertwining of a segment of umbilical cord; circulation is usually not obstructed.
- vital k. SYN: noeud vital.

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knot 'nät n
1) an interlacing of the parts of one or more flexible bodies (as threads or sutures) in a lump to prevent their spontaneous separation see SURGEON'S KNOT
2) a usu. firm or hard lump, swelling, or protuberance in or on a part of the body or a bone or process <a \knot in a gland> <a bone with two or three \knots> compare SURFER'S KNOT
knot vb, knot·ted; knot·ting

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(not) 1. an intertwining of the ends or parts of one or more threads, sutures, or strips of cloth so they cannot easily be separated. 2. in anatomy, a knoblike swelling or protuberance, as a node.

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