The extremities in medical language are not freezing cold or scorching heat but rather the uttermost parts of the body. The extremities are simply the hands and feet. The use of "extremity" to mean a hand or foot is quite ancient. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it dates back to 1460-70: "He schal waische al his body and his extremytees...(he shall wash all his body and his extremities...)."
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One of the ends of an elongated or pointed structure. Incorrectly used to mean limb. SEE ALSO: limb, end, pole. SYN: extremitas [TA].
- acromial e. of clavicle SYN: acromial end of clavicle.
- anterior e. of caudate nucleus SYN: head of caudate nucleus.
- anterior e. of spleen [TA] the anterior end of the spleen (extremitas anterior splenis [NA]). SYN: extremitas anterior splenica [TA].
- inferior e. 1. inferior pole. 2. incorrectly, but commonly used for lower limb.
- inferior e. of kidney inferior pole of kidney.
- lower e. SYN: lower limb.
- posterior e. of spleen [TA] the posterior end of the spleen (extremitas posterior splenis [NA]). SYN: extremitas posterior splenica [TA].
- sternal e. of clavicle SYN: sternal end of clavicle.
- superior e. 1. superior pole. 2. incorrectly, but commonly used term for upper limb.
- superior e. of kidney superior pole of kidney.
- tubal e. of ovary [TA] the rounded lateral end of the ovary, usually directed toward the infundibulum of the uterine tube. SYN: extremitas tubaria ovarii [TA], lateral pole.
- upper e. SYN: upper limb.
- upper e. of fibula SYN: head of fibula.
- uterine e. of ovary [TA] the rounded medial end of the ovary, usually directed toward the uterus. SYN: extremitas uterina ovarii [TA], medial pole of ovary.

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ex·trem·i·ty ik-'strem-ət-ē n, pl -ties
1) the farthest or most remote part, section, or point
2) a limb of the body esp a human hand or foot

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ex·trem·i·ty (ek-stremґĭ-te) 1. extremitas. 2. an upper or lower limb; see membrum inferius and membrum superius. 3. a hand or foot.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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