Cytologic characteristics of the superficial or cornified cells of stratified squamous epithelium in which there is shrinkage of the nuclei and condensation of the chromatin into structureless masses. [karyo- + G. pyknos, thick, crowded, + -osis, condition]

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kar·yo·pyk·no·sis .kar-ē-(.)ō-pik-'nō-səs n shrinkage of the cell nuclei of epithelial cells (as of the vagina) with breakup of the chromatin into unstructured granules
kar·yo·pyk·not·ic -'nät-ik adj

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karyo·pyk·no·sis (kar″e-o-pik-noґsis) shrinkage of a cell nucleus, with condensation of the chromatin into a solid, structureless mass or masses.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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