The psychological system or the psychoanalytic form of treatment deriving from it; developed by Carl Gustav Jung.

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Jung·ian 'yu̇ŋ-ē-ən n an adherent of the psychological doctrines of C. G. Jung
Jung 'yu̇ŋ Carl Gustav (1875-1961)
Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist. Jung founded the variation in psychoanalysis known as analytic psychology. For a time he was associated with Sigmund Freud, but gradually he modified Freud's methods, putting less emphasis on sex. Eventually he broke with Freud over the question of the nature of libido and trauma. He introduced and developed the idea that there are two fundamental types of human beings, the introvert and the extrovert. Later he differentiated four functions of the mind: thinking, feeling, sensation, and intuition. In any given person one or more of these functions will predominate.
Jungian adj of, relating to, or characteristic of C. G. Jung or his psychological doctrines which stress the opposition of introversion and extroversion and the concept of mythology and cultural and racial inheritance in the psychology of individuals

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