1. A ridge or furrow connecting two points. SYN: yoke [TA]. 2. A type of forceps. [L. a yoke]
- juga alveolaria [TA] SYN: alveolar yokes, under yoke.
- juga cerebralia impressions of cerebral gyri.
- j. sphenoidale [TA] a plane surface on the sphenoid bone, in front of the sella turcica, connecting the two lesser wings, and forming part of the anterior cranial fossa and especially later in life, the roof of the anteriormost portion of the sphenoidal sinus. SYN: planum sphenoidale [TA], sphenoidal yoke.

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ju·gum 'jü-gəm n, pl ju·ga -gə or jugums an anatomical ridge or groove connecting two structures

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(in anatomy) a ridge or furrow that connects two parts of a bone.

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ju·gum (jooґgəm) pl. juґga [L. “a yoke”] yoke: a depression or ridge connecting two structures.

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