1. An irritating sensation in the skin that arouses the desire to scratch. SYN: pruritus (2). 2. Common name for scabies. [A.S. gikkan]
- azo i. itching that occurs among workers in azo dyes.
- baker i. an eruption on the hands and arms of bakers due to an allergic reaction to flour or other substances handled, or to the grain i. mite.
- barber i. SYN: tinea barbae.
- bath i. SYN: bath pruritus.
- copra i. a dermatitis occurring in workers in copra mills, caused by the presence of a mite, Tyrophagus putrescentiae.
- Cuban i. SYN: alastrim.
- frost i. SYN: winter i..
- grain i. a wheal-like cutaneous eruption occasionally noted in farmers and grain handlers, caused by the action of the mite Pyemotes ventricosus.
- grocer i. a vesicular dermatitis seen in grocers and bakers who handle sugar or flour; caused by a mite of the genus Glycophagus.
- ground i. SYN: cutaneous larva migrans.
- kabure i. SYN: schistosomiasis japonica.
- Norway i. SYN: Norwegian scabies.
- poultryman's i. eruption due to infestation with the mite, Dermanyssus gallinae.
- rice i. SYN: schistosomiasis japonica.
- Saint Ignatius i. SYN: pellagra.
- straw i., straw-bed i. an urticarial eruption caused by the mite, Pyemotes ventricosus, which can infest straw used in mattresses. SYN: dermatitis pediculoides ventricosus.
- summer i. SYN: pruritus aestivalis.
- swimmer's i. SYN: schistosomal dermatitis.
- water i. 1. SYN: cutaneous larva migrans. 2. SYN: schistosomal dermatitis.
- winter i. a recurrent eczema appearing with the advent of cold weather. SYN: dermatitis hiemalis, frost i., pruritus hiemalis.

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itch 'ich n
1) an uneasy irritating sensation in the upper surface of the skin usu. held to result from mild stimulation of pain receptors
2) a skin disorder accompanied by an itch esp a contagious eruption caused by an itch mite of the genus Sarcoptes (S. scabiei) that burrows in the skin and causes intense itching
itch vb
itch·i·ness 'ich-ē-nəs n
itchy adj

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discomfort or irritation of the skin, prompting the sufferer to scratch or rub the affected area. It is the main symptom of skin disease. See pruritus.

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(ich) 1. any of various skin disorders in which pruritus is a characteristic. 2. pruritus. 3. popular term for scabies.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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