1. Of equal dimensions. 2. In physiology, denoting the condition when the ends of a contracting muscle are held fixed so that contraction produces increased tension at a constant overall length. Cf.:auxotonic, isotonic (3), isovolumic. [iso- + G. metron, measure]

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iso·met·ric .ī-sə-'me-trik adj
1) of, relating to, or characterized by equality of measure esp relating to or being a crystallographic system characterized by three equal axes at right angles
2) of, relating to, involving, or being muscular contraction (as in isometrics) against resistance, without significant change of length of muscle fibers, and with marked increase in muscle tone compare ISOTONIC (2)
iso·met·ri·cal·ly -tri-k(ə-)lē adv

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iso·met·ric (i″so-metґrik) [iso- + Gr. metron measure] 1. maintaining the same measurements; of equal dimensions. 2. maintaining uniform length; see under contraction and exercise.

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