: Examination of the esophagus using a thin, lighted instrument.
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Inspection of the interior of the esophagus by means of an endoscope. [esophagus + G. skopeo, to examine]

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esoph·a·gos·co·py or chiefly Brit oe·soph·a·gos·co·py i-.säf-ə-'gäs-kə-pē n, pl -pies examination of the esophagus by means of an esophagoscope
esoph·a·go·scop·ic or chiefly Brit oe·soph·a·go·scop·ic i-.säf-ə-gə-'skäp-ik adj

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esoph·a·gos·co·py (ə-sof″ə-gosґko-pe) endoscopic examination of the esophagus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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