Abnormal metabolism, excretion, or other disposition of a given substance; term often used to indicate impaired utilization or disposal of dietary constituents.
- hereditary fructose i. [MIM*229600] a metabolic error due to deficiency of hepatic fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase B (which also acts on fructose 1-phosphate), which is the second enzyme in the specific fructose pathway. Vomiting and hypoglycemia follow intake of fructose; prolonged fructose ingestion in young children results in failure to thrive, jaundice, hepatomegaly, albuminuria, aminoaciduria, and sometimes cachexia and death; autosomal recessive inheritance caused by mutation in aldolase B gene (ALDOB) on chromosome 9q.
- lactose i. a disorder characterized by abdominal cramps and diarrhea after consumption of food containing lactose ( e.g., milk, ice cream); believed to reflect a deficiency of intestinal lactase; may appear first in young adults who had tolerated milk well as infants.
- lysinuric protein i. an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by elevated levels of dibasic amino acid s ( E.G., l-lysine, l-arginine, and l-ornithine) in the urine; apparently due to a defect in dibasic amino acid transport.

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in·tol·er·ance (')in-'täl(-ə)-rən(t)s n
1) lack of an ability to endure <an \intolerance to light>
2) exceptional sensitivity (as to a food or drug) specif inability to properly metabolize or absorb a substance <glucose \intolerance>

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the inability of a patient to tolerate a particular drug, manifested by various adverse reactions.

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in·tol·er·ance (in-tolґər-əns) [in-2 + tolerance] inability to withstand; sensitivity, as to a drug.

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