1. That which is inhaled; a remedy given by inhalation. 2. A drug (or combination of drugs) with high vapor pressure, carried by an air current into the nasal passage, where it produces its effect. 3. Group of products consisting of finely powdered or liquid drugs that are carried to the respiratory passages by the use of special devices such as low pressure aerosol containers. SYN: insufflation (2). SEE ALSO: inhalation, aerosol. [see inhalation]

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in·hal·ant also in·hal·ent in-'hā-lənt n
1) something (as an allergen or an anesthetic vapor) that is inhaled
2) any of various often toxic volatile substances (as spray paint, glue, or paint thinner) whose fumes are sometimes inhaled for their euphoric effect
inhalant also inhalent adj used for inhaling or constituting an inhalant <\inhalant anesthetics>

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in·hal·ant (in-haґlənt) 1. something meant to be inhaled; see inhalation (def. 3). 2. a class of psychoactive substances whose volatile vapors are subject to abuse; see substance abuse, under abuse.

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