1. The process of steeping a substance in water, either cold or hot (below the boiling point), in order to extract its soluble principles. 2. A medicinal preparation obtained by steeping the crude drug in water. 3. The introduction of fluid other than blood, e.g., saline solution, into a vein. [L. infusio, fr. in-fundo, pp. -fusus, to pour in]

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in·fusion in-'fyü-zhən n
1 a) the introducing of a solution (as of glucose or salt) esp. into a vein also the solution so used
b ) (1) the steeping or soaking usu. in water of a substance (as a plant drug) in order to extract its soluble constituents or principles compare DECOCTION (1) (2) the liquid extract obtained by this process
2) a watery suspension of decaying organic material <culturing soil amebas in lettuce \infusion>

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1. the slow injection of a substance, usually into a vein (intravenous infusion). This is a common method for replacing water, electrolytes, and blood products and is also used for the continuous administration of drugs (e.g. antibiotics, painkillers) or nutrition. See also drip.
2. the process whereby the active principles are extracted from plant material by steeping it in water that has been heated to boiling point (as in the making of tea).
3. the solution produced by this process.

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in·fu·sion (in-fuґzhən) [L. infusio] 1. the steeping of a substance in water to obtain its medicinal principles. 2. the product of the process of steeping a drug for the extraction of its medicinal principles. 3. the therapeutic introduction of a fluid other than blood, as saline solution, into a vein. NOTE: An infusion flows in by gravity, an injection is forced in by a syringe, an instillation is dropped in, and an insufflation is blown in.

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