The basis for initiation of a treatment for a disease or of a diagnostic test; may be furnished by a knowledge of the cause (causal i.), by the symptoms present (symptomatic i.), or by the nature of the disease (specific i.). [L. fr. in-dico, pp. -atus, to point out, fr. dico, to proclaim]
- off label i. use of a medication for a purpose other than that approved by the FDA.

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in·di·ca·tion .in-də-'kā-shən n
1 a) a symptom or particular circumstance that indicates the advisability or necessity of a specific medical treatment or procedure <postpartum hemorrhage is the chief \indication for the use of ergot preparations and derivatives (C. H. Thienes)>
b) something that is indicated as advisable or necessary <in case of collapse the immediate \indication is artificial respiration (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.)>
2) the degree indicated in a specific instance or at a specific time on a graduated physical instrument (as a thermometer)

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(in medicine) a strong reason for believing that a particular course of action is desirable. In a wounded patient, the loss of blood, which would lead to circulatory collapse, is an indication for blood transfusion. Compare contraindication.

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in·di·ca·tion (in″dĭ-kaґshən) [L. indicatio] a sign or circumstance that points to or shows the cause, pathology, treatment, or issue of an attack of disease; something that points out, or serves as a guide or warning.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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