SYN: i. tooth. [L. incido, to cut into]
- central i. the first tooth in the maxilla and mandible on either side of the midsagittal plane of the head.
- Hutchinson incisors SYN: Hutchinson teeth, under tooth.
- lateral i. SYN: second i..
- second i. second maxillary or mandibular permanent or deciduous tooth on either side of the midsagittal plane of the head. SYN: lateral i..

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in·ci·sor in-'sī-zər n a front tooth adapted for cutting esp any of the eight cutting human teeth that are located between the canines with four in the lower and four in the upper jaw

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any of the four front teeth in each jaw, two on each side of the midline. See also dentition.

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in·ci·sor (I) (in-siґzər) [L. incidere to cut into] 1. adapted for cutting. 2. incisor tooth.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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