The process or condition of being impacted.
- dental i. confinement of a tooth in the alveolus and prevention of its eruption into normal position. SEE ALSO: impacted tooth.
- fecal i. an immovable collection of compressed or hardened feces in the colon or rectum.
- food i. the forcible wedging of food between adjacent teeth during mastication, producing gingival recession and pocket formation.
- mucus i. filling of the proximal bronchi, and also the bronchioles, with mucus.

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im·pac·tion im-'pak-shən n the act of becoming or the state of being impacted specif lodgment or an instance of lodgment of something (as a tooth or feces) in a body passage or cavity

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im·pac·tion (im-pakґshən) [L. impactio] 1. the condition of being firmly lodged or wedged. 2. in obstetrics, the indentation of any fetal parts of one twin onto the surface of its co-twin, so that simultaneous partial engagement of both twins occurs. See impacted twins, under twin.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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