1. Representation of an object made by the rays of light emanating or reflected from it. 2. Representation produced by x-rays, ultrasound, tomography, thermography, radioisotopes, etc. 3. To produce such representations. [L. imago, likeness]
- accidental i. SYN: afterimage.
- body i. 1. the cerebral representation of all body sensation organized in the parietal cortex; 2. personal conception of one's own body as distinct from one's actual anatomic body or the conception other persons have of it. SYN: body schema.
- catatropic i. SYN: Purkinje-Sanson images.
- direct i. SYN: virtual i..
- eidetic i. vivid mental i. in the form of a dream, fantasy, or an unusual power of memory and visualization of objects previously seen or imagined.
- false i. the i. in the deviating eye in strabismus.
- heteronymous i. a double i. in physiological diplopia, when fixation is directed beyond an object; the right i. arises from the left eye, while the left i. arises from the right eye; i.e., there is a crossed diplopia.
- homonymous images double images produced by stimuli arising from points proximal to the horopter. SYN: homonymous diplopia, simple diplopia, uncrossed diplopia.
- hypnagogic i. imagery occurring between wakefulness and sleep.
- hypnopompic i. imagery occurring after the sleeping state and before complete wakefulness; similar to hypnagogic imagery except for the time of occurrence.
- inverted i. SYN: real i..
- magnitude i. in magnetic resonance imaging, an i. formed from the amplitude of the signal, distinct from the phase information. SEE ALSO: magnetic resonance imaging.
- mental i. a picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
- mirror i. a representation of an object or part thereof as its reflected i. in a mirror.
- motor i. the i. of body movements.
- negative i. SYN: afterimage.
- optical i. an i. formed by the refraction or reflection of light.
- phase i. a magnetic resonance i. showing only phase shift information, to detect motion.
- Purkinje images SYN: Purkinje-Sanson images.
- Purkinje-Sanson images the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the cornea and the two images formed by the anterior and posterior surfaces of the lens. SYN: catatropic i., Purkinje images, Sanson images.
- real i. an i. formed by the convergence of the actual rays of light from an object. SYN: inverted i..
- retinal i. a real i. formed on the retina.
- Sanson images SYN: Purkinje-Sanson images.
- sensory i. an i. based on one or more types of sensation.
- specular i. the i. of a source of light made visible by the reflection from a mirror.
- tactile i. an i. of an object as perceived by the sense of touch.
- unequal retinal i. SYN: aniseikonia.
- virtual i. an erect i. formed by projection of divergent rays from an optical system. SYN: direct i..
- visual i. a collection of foci corresponding to all the luminous points of an object.
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integrated molecular analysis of gene expression; International Metoprolol/Nifedipine Angina Exercise Trial; International Multicenter Angina Exercise [study]; International Multicenter Aprotinin Graft Patency Experience [trial]

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im·age 'im-ij n
1 a) the optical counterpart of an object produced by an optical device (as a lens or mirror) or an electronic device see REAL IMAGE, VIRTUAL IMAGE
b) a likeness of an object produced on a photographic material
2) a mental picture or impression of something <had a negative body \image of herself>: as
a ) (1) a mental conception held in common by members of a group and symbolic of a basic attitude and orientation <the compassionate small-town family doctor, an \image that the AMA deeply admires (Current Biog.)> (2) an idealized conception of a person and esp. a parent that is formed by an infant or child, is retained in the unconscious, and influences behavior in later life <the overwhelming influence of the mother \image (John Messenger)> called also imago
b) the memory of a perception in psychology that is modified by subsequent experience also the representation of the source of a stimulus on a receptor mechanism
image vb, im·aged; im·ag·ing vt
1) to call up a mental picture of: IMAGINE
2) to create a representation of also to form an image of <the liver was imaged> <the animals were anesthetized and imaged with a gamma camera (R. T. Proffitt )(et al)> vi to form an image

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im·age (imґəj) [L. imago] a picture or conception with more or less likeness to an objective reality. See also imaging.

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