Poisoning caused by the toxic substance (ichthyosarcotoxin) in the flesh or organs of fish. [ichthyo- + G. sarx, flesh, + toxikon, poison]

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ich·thyo·sar·co·tox·ism -'täk-.siz-əm n poisoning caused by the ingestion of fish whose flesh contains a toxic substance compare ICHTHYOACANTHOTOXISM, ICHTHYOHEMOTOXISM, ICHTHYOTOXISM

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ich·thyo·sar·co·tox·ism (ik″the-o-sahr″ko-tokґsiz-əm) intoxication characterized by various gastrointestinal and neurological disturbances, resulting from the ingestion of the flesh of poisonous fishes; the term excludes ordinary bacterial food poisoning. Some types are elasmobranch, Gymnothorax, fugu or puffer fish, and scombroid poisoning and ciguatera. Called also fish poisoning.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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