: A lighted optical instrument used to get a deep look inside the body and examine organs such as the throat or esophagus. An endoscope can be rigid or flexible. Specialized endoscopes are named depending where they are intended to look. Examples include: cystoscope (bladder), nephroscope (kidney), bronchoscope (bronchi), laryngoscope (larynx + the voice box), otoscope (ear), arthroscope (joint), laparoscope (abdomen), and gastrointestinal endoscopes.
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An instrument for the examination of the interior of a canal or hollow viscus. [endo- + G. skopeo, to examine]
- flexible e. an optical instrument that transmits light and carries images back to the observer through a flexible bundle of small (about 10 μm) transparent fibers. It is used to inspect interior portions of the body. These instruments are generally equipped with mechanisms for steering and may have additional ports for allowing sampling and/or operative instruments along their axis to the internal site. SEE ALSO: fiberoptics. SYN: fiberscope.

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en·do·scope 'en-də-.skōp n an illuminated usu. fiber-optic flexible or rigid tubular instrument for visualizing the interior of a hollow organ or part (as the bladder or esophagus) for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes that typically has one or more channels to enable passage of instruments (as forceps or scissors)
en·dos·co·py en-'däs-kə-pē n, pl -pies

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any instrument used to obtain a view of the interior of the body. Examples of endoscopes include the auriscope and the gastroscope. Essentially, most endoscopes consist of a tube with a light at the end and an optical system or a miniature video camera for transmitting an image to the examiner's eye. See also fibrescope.
endoscopic adj.
endoscopy n.

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en·do·scope (enґdo-skōp) [endo- + -scope] an instrument for examination of the interior of a body cavity or hollow viscus; there are both rigid and flexible types. See also fiberscope.

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