To induct one into hypnosis.

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hyp·no·tize also Brit hyp·no·tise -.tīz vt, -tized also Brit -tised; -tiz·ing also Brit -tis·ing
1) to induce hypnosis in
2) to influence by or as if by suggestion <a voice that \hypnotizes its hearers>
hyp·no·tiz·abil·i·ty also Brit hyp·no·tis·abil·i·ty .hip-nə-.tī-zə-'bil-ət-ē n, pl -ties
hyp·no·tiz·able also Brit hyp·no·tis·able 'hip-nə-.tī-zə-bəl adj

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hyp·no·tize (hipґno-tīz) to induce a state of hypnosis.

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