The presence of an increased amount of bloodflow in a part or organ. SEE ALSO: congestion. [hyper- + G. haima, blood]
- active h. h. due to an increased afflux of arterial blood into dilated capillaries. SYN: arterial h., fluxionary h..
- arterial h. SYN: active h..
- Bier h. obsolete term for h. produced by Bier method (2).
- collateral h. increased blood flow through abundant collateral channels when the circulation through the main artery to a part is arrested.
- fluxionary h. SYN: active h..
- passive h. h. due to an obstruction in the flow of blood from the affected part, the venous radicles becoming distended. SYN: venous h..
- peristatic h. SYN: peristasis.
- reactive h. h. following the arrest and subsequent restoration of the blood supply to a part.
- venous h. SYN: passive h..

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hy·per·emia or chiefly Brit hy·per·ae·mia .hī-pə-'rē-mē-ə n excess of blood in a body part (as from an increased flow of blood due to vasodilation): CONGESTION
hy·per·emic or chiefly Brit hy·per·ae·mic -mik adj

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hy·per·emia (hi″pər-eґme-ə) [hyper- + -emia] an increase of blood in a part; cf. congestion. Called also engorgement. hyperemic adj

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