Something that causes emesis, that makes you vomit. For example, ipecac. The word “emetic” comes from the Greek “emein” meaning “to vomit.”
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1. Relating to or causing vomiting. 2. An agent that causes vomiting, e.g., ipecac syrup. [G. emetikos, producing vomiting, fr. emeo, to vomit]

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emet·ic i-'met-ik n an agent that induces vomiting
emetic adj having the capacity to induce vomiting
emet·i·cal·ly -i-k(ə-)lē adv

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an agent that causes vomiting. Substances such as common salt, which irritate the stomach nerves if taken in sufficient quantities, cause vomiting. Some emetics, e.g. ipecacuanha, are expectorant at low doses.

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emet·ic (ə-metґik) [Gr. emetikos; L. emeticus] 1. causing vomiting. 2. an agent that causes vomiting.

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