Excessive deposition of secondary cementum on the root of a tooth, which may be caused by localized trauma or inflammation, excessive tooth eruption, or osteitis deformans, or may occur idiopathically. SYN: cementum hyperplasia. [hyper- + L. caementum, a rough quarry stone, + -osis, condition]

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hy·per·ce·men·to·sis -.sē-men-'tō-səs n, pl -to·ses -.sēz excessive formation of cementum at the root of a tooth

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hy·per·ce·men·to·sis (hi″pər-se″mən-toґsis) a regressive change of teeth characterized by excessive development of secondary cementum on the tooth surface; it may occur on any part of the root, but the apical two thirds is the part most often affected. Called also cementosis and cementum hyperplasia.

Hypercementosis, showing thickening and blunting of the roots of the mandibular bicuspids.

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