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  • Facies — A direct borrowing from the Latin, facies means face. * * * 1. [TA] SYN: face (1). 2. [NA] SYN: surface. 3. SYN: expression (2). [L.] acromial articular f. of clavicle SYN: acromial facet of clavicle. adenoid f. the open mouthed and often …   Medical dictionary

  • face — 1. The front portion of the head; the visage including eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, cheeks, and chin; excludes ears. SYN: facies (1) [TA]. 2. SYN: surface. bird f. SYN: brachygnathia. cow f. SYN: facies bovina …   Medical dictionary

  • hypercorticoidism — Excessive secretion of one or more steroid hormones of the adrenal cortex; sometimes used also to designate the state produced by therapeutic administration of large quantities of steroids having glucocorticoid activity, e.g., hydrocortisone. SEE …   Medical dictionary

  • hypercortisolism — See hyperadrenocorticalism. * * * hy·per·cor·ti·sol·ism kȯrt i .sȯl .iz əm, .sōl n hyperadrenocorticism produced by excess cortisol in the body * * * hy·per·cor·ti·sol·ism (hi″pər korґtĭ sol″iz əm)… …   Medical dictionary

  • type — 1. The usual form, or a composite form, that all others of the class resemble more or less closely; a model, denoting especially a disease or a symptom complex giving the stamp or characteristic to a class. SEE ALSO: constitution …   Medical dictionary

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