hydrophthalmia, hydrophthalmos, hydrophthalmus

hydrophthalmia, hydrophthalmos, hydrophthalmus
SYN: buphthalmia. [hydro- + G. ophthalmos, eye]

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  • hydrophthalmos — hy·droph·thal·mos .hī .dräf thal mäs n general enlargement of the eyeball due to a watery effusion within it * * * n. see buphthalmos * * * hy·droph·thal·mos (hi″drof thalґmos) [hydro + Gr. ophthalmos eye] 1. a form of glaucoma… …   Medical dictionary

  • buphthalmia, buphthalmus, buphthalmos — An affection of infancy, marked by an increase of intraocular pressure with enlargement of the eyeball. SYN: congenital glaucoma, hydrophthalmia, hydrophthalmos, hydrophthalmus. [G. bous, ox, + ophthalmos, eye] …   Medical dictionary

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