1. The process of breeding a hybrid. 2. Crossing over between related but nonallelic genes. 3. The specific reassociation of complementary strands of polynucleic acids; e.g., the formation of a DNA-RNA hybrid. 4. The process or act of forming a macromolecular hybrid in which the subunits are obtained from different sources. SYN: crossbreeding.
- cell h. fusion of two or more dissimilar cells, leading to formation of a synkaryon.
- cross h. annealing of a DNA probe to an imperfectly matching DNA molecule.
- DNA h. a technique used to determine the relatedness of microorganisms by the speed and efficiency of the reassociation of single-stranded DNA to form double-stranded DNA when one of the strands originates from one organism and the other strand from another organism; occurs when the base sequences are complementary or nearly so.
- fluorescence in situ h. SYN: fluorescent in situ h..
- fluorescent in situ h. a method used to determine the chromosomal location or expression pattern of genomic DNA or cDNA fragments. The piece of DNA to be mapped (the “probe”) is labeled with a fluorescent dye and hybridized to a chromosome preparation or to a tissue section. The probe anneals to complementary DNA or RNA sequences. Examination of the chromosomes or tissue section under a fluorescence microscope reveals the number, size, and location of the target sequences. SYN: fluorescence in situ h..
- nucleic acid h. SYN: anneal (5).
- overlap h. SYN: chromosome walking.
- in situ h. a technique developed in 1969 for annealing nucleic acid probes to cellular DNA for detection by autoradiography. Under proper laboratory conditions, the binding process occurs spontaneously. In situ h. constitutes a key step in DNA fingerprinting. SYN: in situ nucleic acid h..
- in situ nucleic acid h. SYN: in situ h..
- somatic cell h. production of a heterokaryon.

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hy·brid·iza·tion (hi″brid-ĭ-zaґshən) 1. the act or process of producing hybrids. 2. nucleic acid h. 3. in chemistry, a procedure whereby orbitals of intermediate energy and desired directional character are constructed by taking an appropriate linear combination of atomic orbitals; e.g., sp3 hybrid orbitals are formed from one s and three p orbitals.

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