1. Term used loosely for hyaluronate lyase, hyaluronoglucosaminidase, and hyaluronoglucuronidase, one or more of which are present in testis, sperm, other organs, bee and snake venoms, type II pneumonococci, certain hemolytic streptococci, etc. SYN: diffusing factor, Duran-Reynals permeability factor, Duran-Reynals spreading factor, invasin, spreading factor. 2. A soluble enzyme product prepared from mammalian testes; it is used to increase the effect of local anesthetics and to permit wider infiltration of subcutaneously administered fluids, is suggested in the treatment of certain forms of arthritis to promote resolution of redundant tissue, is used to speed the resorption of traumatic or postoperative edema and hematoma, is used in combination with collagenase to dissociate organs such as liver and heart into viable cell suspensions, and in histochemistry is used on tissue secretions to verify the presence of hyaluronic acid or chondroitin sulfates.

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hy·al·uron·i·dase -'rän-ə-.dās, -.dāz n a mucolytic enzyme that splits and lowers the viscosity of hyaluronic acid facilitating the spreading of fluid through tissues either advantageously (as in the absorption of drugs) or disadvantageously (as in the dissemination of infection), that occurs in many normal tissues, in malignant growths, in invasive bacteria, and in certain venoms, and that is used esp. to aid in the dispersion of fluids (as local anesthetics) injected subcutaneously for therapeutic purposes called also spreading factor

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an enzyme that depolymerizes hyaluronic acid and therefore increases the permeability of connective tissue. Hyaluronidase is found in the testes, in semen, and in other tissues.

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hy·a·lu·ron·i·dase (hi″ə-l-ronґĭ-dās) any of three enzymes (hyaluronate lyase, hyaluronoglucosaminidase, and hyaluronoglucuronidase) that catalyze the breakdown of hyaluronan. These enzymes are found in mammalian testicular and spleen tissue, in bee and snake venoms, and in certain species of Clostridium, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus. Called also Duran-Reynals factor, invasin, and diffusion or spreading factor. [USP] a preparation derived from mammalian testes and capable of hydrolyzing hyaluronan and similar glycosaminoglycans, used to aid absorption and dispersion of other injected drugs and fluids, for hypodermoclysis, and for improving resorption of radiopaque media; administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously.

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