A superfamily of the Primates including the anthropoid apes and humans. Divided into the families Pongidae (anthropoid apes) and Hominidae (humans). [L. homo (homin-), man, + G. eidos, form]

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Hom·i·noi·dea .häm-ə-'nȯid-ē-ə n pl
1) in some classifications a major division of the order Primates segregating Homo and related fossil forms from the great apes
2) a superfamily of the primate suborder Anthropoidea including recent hominids, gibbons, and pongids together with extinct ancestral and related forms (as of the genera Proconsul and Dryopithecus) as distinguished from the lower Old World monkeys compare CERCOPITHECIDAE

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Hom·i·noi·dea (hom″ĭ-noiґde-ə) [L. homo man + Gr. oeidos likeness] a superfamily of primates, including the families Pongidae and Hominidae. Cf. Anthropoidea.

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