Denoting the involvement of the entire (isolecithal or moderately telolecithal) ovum in cleavage. [holo- + G. blastos, germ]

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ho·lo·blas·tic .hō-lə-'blas-tik, .häl-ə- adj characterized by cleavage planes that divide the whole egg into distinct and separate though coherent blastomeres <\holoblastic eggs> <\holoblastic cleavage> compare MEROBLASTIC
ho·lo·blas·ti·cal·ly -ti-k(ə-)lē adv

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holo·blas·tic (hōl″o-blasґtik) [holo- + blast- + -ic] 1. dividing completely; undergoing cleavage in which the entire zygote participates; see under cleavage. 2. pertaining to blastic conidiogenesis in which all of the cell wall is used to form the conidium.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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