A tumor composed of histiocytes. [histio- + G. kytos, cell, + -oma, tumor]
- generalized eruptive h. a rare recurring generalized eruption in adults of flesh colored or erythematous papules remaining localized to the skin and consisting of dermal nodules of mononuclear histiocytes that do not stain for lipid. SYN: nodular non-X histiocytosis.
- malignant fibrous h. a sarcoma of variable malignant potential, occurring most often in the extremities and retroperitoneum; often recurs locally after resection, less often metastasizes; shows partial fibroblastic and histiocytic differentiation with a variable storiform pattern, myxoid areas, and giant cells.

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his·tio·cy·to·ma .his-tē-ō-sī-'tō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a tumor that consists predominantly of macrophages <a malignant fibrous \histiocytoma of the spleen>

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a tumour that contains macrophage or histiocyte, large cells with the ability to engulf foreign matter and bacteria. See also fibrosarcoma.

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his·tio·cy·to·ma (his″te-o-si-toґmə) [histiocyte + -oma] a tumor containing histiocytes (macrophages).

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