A benign neoplasm derived from epithelial cells of sweat glands. SYN: hydradenoma. [G. hidros, sweat, + aden, gland, + -oma, tumor]
- clear cell h. a tumor derived from eccrine sweat glands, composed of glycogen-rich clear cells. SYN: eccrine acrospiroma, nodular h..
- nodular h. SYN: clear cell h..
- papillary h. a solitary benign tumor occurring in women usually in the labia majora, cystic and papillary, and composed of epithelium resembling that of apocrine glands. SYN: apocrine adenoma, h. papilliferum.
- h. papilliferum SYN: papillary h..

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hi·drad·e·no·ma hī-.drad-ən-'ō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə any benign tumor derived from epithelial cells of sweat glands

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hi·drad·e·no·ma (hi-drad″ə-noґmə) [hidraden- + -oma] an adnexal adenoma originating in sweat gland epithelial cells; subtypes are variously designated according to histologic pattern and specific component from which the tumor appears to be derived.

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