Accumulation of air and blood in the pleural cavity. SYN: pneumohemothorax. [hemo- + G. pneuma, air, + thorax]

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he·mo·pneu·mo·tho·rax or chiefly Brit hae·mo·pneu·mo·tho·rax .hē-mə-.n(y)ü-mə-'thō(ə)r-.aks, -'thȯ(ə)r- n, pl -rax·es or -ra·ces -'thōr-ə-.sēz, -'thȯr- the accumulation of blood and air in the pleural cavity

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he·mo·pneu·mo·tho·rax (he″mo-noo″mo-thorґaks) pneumothorax with hemorrhagic effusion; called also pneumohemothorax.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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