A machine for hemodialysis in acute or chronic renal failure; toxic substances in the blood are removed by exposure to dialyzing fluid across a semipermeable membrane. SYN: artificial kidney.
- ultrafiltration h. a h. that uses fluid pressure differentials to bring about loss (usually) of protein-free fluid from the blood to the bath.

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he·mo·di·a·lyz·er or chiefly Brit hae·mo·di·a·lys·er -'dī-ə-.lī-zər n ARTIFICIAL KIDNEY

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he·mo·di·a·lyz·er (he″mo-diґə-līz″ər) an apparatus by which hemodialysis may be performed; blood is brought in contact with a semipermeable membrane on whose other side is a dialysate solution of such composition as to secure diffusion of certain elements out of the blood.

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