Half of a spherical structure. SYN: cerebral h. (1) [TA]. [hemi- + G. sphaira, ball, globe]
- h. of bulb of penis one of the lateral halves of the bulb of the penis that are separated by a median groove on the posterior part of the undersurface. SYN: hemispherium bulbi urethrae.
- h. of cerebellum SYN: h. of cerebellum HII–HX.
- h. of cerebellum HII–HX the large part of the cerebellum lateral to the vermis cerebelli. SYN: hemispherium cerebelli [HII–HX] [TA], hemispherium (2) [TA], h. of cerebellum, hemisphericum cerebelli HII–HX, hemisphericum.
- cerebral h. [TA] 1. SYN: h.. 2. the large mass of the telencephalon, on either side of the midline, consisting of the cerebral cortex and its associated fiber systems, together with the deeper-lying subcortical telencephalic nuclei ( i.e., basal ganglia [nuclei]). SYN: hemispherium cerebri [TA], hemispherium (1) [TA].
- dominant h. that cerebral h. containing the representation of speech and controlling the arm and leg used preferentially in skilled movements; usually the left h..

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hemi·sphere -.sfi(ə)r n half of a spherical structure or organ: as
b) either of the two lobes of the cerebellum of which one projects laterally and posteriorly from each side of the vermis

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one of the two halves of the cerebrum, not in fact hemispherical but more nearly quarter-spherical.

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hemi·sphere (hemґĭ-sfēr) [hemi- + sphere] half of a spherical or roughly spherical structure; see also hemispherium.

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