An arthropod order of the class Insecta that includes many plant lice and other true bugs; those of the subfamily Triatominae are bloodsuckers and of medical importance. The best known species is Cimex lectularius, the common bedbug. [hemi- + G. pteron, wing]

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He·mip·tera hi-'mip-tə-rə n pl a large order of insects (as the true bugs) that have mouthparts adapted to piercing and sucking and usu. two pairs of wings, undergo an incomplete metamorphosis, and include many important pests
he·mip·ter·an -tə-rən n
he·mip·ter·ous -tə-rəs adj

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He·mip·tera (he-mipґtər-ə) [hemi- + Gr. pteron wing] an order of insects that may be winged or wingless and have mouth parts adapted to piercing or sucking; it includes ticks and lice. The families Cimicidae and Reduviidae (suborder Heteroptera) contain species of considerable medical importance. See also bug.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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