One of a series of saccules or pouches, so called because of a fancied resemblance to the buckets on a water wheel. [L. a machine for drawing water, fr. haurio, pp. haustus, to draw up, drink up]
- haustra coli [TA] SYN: haustra of colon.
- haustra of colon [TA] the sacculations of the colon, caused by the teniae, or longitudinal bands, which are slightly shorter than the gut so that the latter is thrown into tucks or pouches. SYN: haustra coli [TA], cellulae coli, haustrations of colon, sacculation of colon.

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haus·trum 'hȯ-strəm n, pl haus·tra -strə one of the pouches or sacculations into which the large intestine is divided

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one of the pouches on the external surface of the colon.

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haus·trum (hawsґtrəm) pl. hausґtra [L. haustor drawer] a recess or sacculation.

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