Local name of a buccopharyngeal infection occurring in Lebanon, probably caused by pentastomid larvae of the dog tongue worm, Linguatula serrata, which wander into the throat of the human host after ingestion of infected raw sheep, or goat liver or lymph node s. [Ar., snail]

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hal·zoun .hal-'zün, 'hal-zün n infestation of the larynx and pharynx esp. by tongue worms of the genus Linguatula (esp. L. serrata) consumed in raw liver

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hal·zoun (halґzən) [Ar. halzun snail] 1. a pharyngeal form of fascioliasis occurring in the Middle East, caused by eating raw animal livers infected with Fasciola; young adult worms attach to the pharyngeal mucosa and produce pain, bleeding, and facial and neck edema. 2. a similar condition caused by ingestion of pentastomes from the livers or visceral lymph nodes of sheep or goats, which were eaten without being adequately cooked. Called also halzoun syndrome.

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