A mind-altering chemical, drug, or agent, specifically a chemical whose most prominent pharmacologic action is on the central nervous system ( e.g., mescaline); in normal subjects, it elicits optical or auditory hallucinations, depersonalization, perceptual disturbances, and disturbances of thought processes. SYN: psychedelic drug, psychodysleptic drug, psycholytic drug, psychotomimetic drug. [L. alucinor, to wander in mind, + G. -gen, producing]

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hal·lu·ci·no·gen hə-'lüs-ən-ə-jən n a substance and esp. a drug that induces hallucinations

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a drug that produces hallucinations, e.g. cannabis and lysergic acid diethylamide. Hallucinogens were formerly used to treat certain types of mental illness.

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hal·lu·ci·no·gen (hə-looґsĭ-no-jen″) [hallucination + -gen] an agent that induces hallucinations.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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