Symbol for hecto-; height; hour.
Symbol for Planck constant; h = h/2π.
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bacterial antigen in serologic classification of bacteria [Ger. Hauch, breath]; deflection in the His bundle in electrogram [spike]; dose equivalent; draft [Lat. haustus]; electrically induced spinal reflex; enthalpy; fucosal transferase-producing gene; heart; heavy [strand]; height; hemagglutination; hemisphere; hemolysis; henry; heparin; heroin; high; hippocampus; histidine; Histoplasma; histoplasmosis; Holzknecht unit; homosexual; horizontal; hormone; horse; hospital; Hounsfield unit; hour; human; hydrogen; hydrolysis; hygiene; hyoscine; hypermetropia; hyperopia; hypodermic; hypothalamus; magnetic field strength; magnetization; mustard gas; oersted; the region of a sarcomere containing only myosin filaments [band; Ger. heller, lighter]

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H abbr heroin
H symbol hydrogen

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Hauch; henry; histidine; hydrogen; hyperopia; Hounsfield unit.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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