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gly·cos·ami·no·gly·can .glī-kō-sə-.mē-nō-'glī-.kan, -kō-.sam-ə-nō- n any of various polysaccharides derived from an amino hexose that are constituents of mucoproteins, glycoproteins, and blood-group substances called also mucopolysaccharide

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gly·cos·ami·no·gly·can (gli″kōs-ə-me″no-gliґkan) any of several high-molecular-weight linear heteropolysaccharides having disaccharide repeating units containing an N-acetylhexosamine and a hexose or hexuronic acid; either or both residues may be sulfated. This class of compounds includes the chondroitin sulfates, dermatan sulfates, heparan sulfate and heparin, keratan sulfates, and hyaluron. All except heparin occur in proteoglycans. One or more glycosaminoglycans are accumulated abnormally in the various mucopolysaccharidoses. Abbreviated GAG. Formerly called mucopolysaccharide.

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