A parasympatholytic compound (like atropine) used as premedication prior to general anesthesia, as an antagonist to the bradycardic effects of neostigmine during curare reversal, and as an adjunct in the treatment of peptic ulcer.

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gly·co·pyr·ro·late -'pī-rə-.lāt n a synthetic anticholinergic drug C19H28BrNO3 used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders (as peptic ulcer) esp. when associated with hyperacidity, hypermotility, or spasm see ROBINUL

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gly·co·pyr·ro·late (gli″ko-pirґo-lāt) [USP] a synthetic quaternary anticholinergic used as an antispasmodic to help treat peptic ulcer and other gastrointestinal disorders, a preanesthetic antisialagogue to decrease salivation and respiratory secretions, and an antiarrhythmic to counteract vagal inhibitory reflexes during induction of anesthesia and surgery; administered orally, intramuscularly, or intravenously. Called also glycopyrronium bromide.

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