An abnormal and persistent fear of cats which produces an undue anxiety reaction even though sufferers realize their fear is irrational. Sufferers of ailurophobia may fear not only the scratch or bite of a cat, but also the "evil mystique" of cats as depicted in Halloween folklore and such literary works as Edgar Allen Poe's "The Black Cat." From the Greek "ailouros" (cat) and "phobos" (fear). Alternate spellings: "Aelurophobia," "elurophobia." The Greek word "ailourous" has also given us the English word "Ailuroidea," a zoological term for a group of carnivorous animals including cats, hyenas and civets. An alternate name for fear of cats: "Galeophobia."
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Morbid fear of or aversion to cats. [G. ailouros, cat, + phobos, fear]

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ai·lu·ro·pho·bia or ae·lu·ro·pho·biȧr-ə-'fō-bē-ə n abnormal fear of cats

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ai·lu·ro·pho·bia (i-loor″o-foґbe-ə) [Gr. ailouros cat + -phobia] irrational fear of cats.

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