1. In a biologic membrane, the opening and closing of a channel, believed to be associated with changes in integral membrane proteins. 2. A process in which electrical signals are selected by a gate, which passes such signals only when the gate pulse is present to act as a control signal, or passes only the signals that have certain characteristics. See gate.
- cardiac g. using an electronic signal from the cardiac cycle to trigger an event, such as in imaging separate phases of cardiac contraction.
- respiratory g. any technique that derives a signal from breathing to trigger an electronic circuit, such as for data collection during expiration. SEE ALSO: navigator echo.

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gat·ing n an action, process, or mechanism by which the passage of something is controlled

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gat·ing (gātґing) 1. controlling access or passage through gates or channels. 2. selection of electrical signals by a gate, which passes signals only when a control signal, the gate pulse, is present, or which passes only signals with certain characteristics, such as a pulse height. 3. substrate-binding– or ligand-binding–induced opening and closing of a biologic membrane channel, believed to be due to conformational changes in proteins lining the channels. 4. sensory g.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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