SYN: g. (muscle). [G. gastroknemia, calf of the leg, fr. gaster (gastr-), belly, + kneme, leg]

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gas·troc·ne·mi·us .gas-(.)träk-'nē-mē-əs, -trək- n, pl -mii -mē-.ī the largest and most superficial muscle of the calf of the leg that arises by two heads from the condyles of the femur and has its tendon of insertion incorporated as part of the Achilles tendon called also gastrocnemius muscle
gas·troc·ne·mi·al -mē-əl adj

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a muscle that forms the greater part of the calf of the leg. It flexes the knee and foot (so that the toes point downwards).

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gas·troc·ne·mi·us (gas″trok-neґme-əs) (gas″tro-) [gastro- + Gr. knēmē leg] see under musculus.

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