A genus of facultatively anaerobic, oxidase- and catalase-negative, nonsporeforming, nonencapsulated, nonmotile, pleomorphic bacteria with Gram-variable rods.
- G. vaginalis a species that is an etiologic agent of bacterial vaginosis in humans.

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Gard·ner·el·la .gärd-nə-'rel-ə n a genus of bacteria of uncertain taxonomic affinities that includes one (G. vaginalis syn. Haemophilus vaginalis) often present in the flora of the healthy vagina and present in greatly increased numbers in bacterial vaginosis
Gard·ner 'gärd-nər Herman L. (fl 1955-80)
American physician.

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a genus of anaerobic bacteria. G. vaginalis is a cause of vaginitis and, in pregnant women, of late miscarriage.

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Gard·ner·el·la (gahrd″nər-elґə) [H.L. Gardner, American bacteriologist] a genus of small, pleomorphic, gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria of the family Bifidobacteriaceae, found in the normal female genital tract and also as a major cause of bacterial vaginitis. It comprises a single species, G. vaginaґlis. Formerly called Haemophilus vaginalis.

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