- benign monoclonal g. SYN: monoclonal g. of undetermined significance.
- biclonal g. a g. in which the serum contains two distinct monoclonal immunoglobulins.
- monoclonal g. any one of a group of disorders due to proliferation of a single clone of lymphoid or plasma cells and characterized by the presence of monoclonal immunoglobulin in serum or urine (visible on electrophoresis as a single peak).
- monoclonal g. of undetermined significance a paraproteinemia (an abnormal gammaglobulin, typically with λ light chain component) of less than 3 g/100 ml, which at the time of discovery, is without apparent cause; specifically, there is no evidence of multiple myeloma or other malignant disorders. SYN: benign monoclonal g..
- monoclonal g. of unknown significance (MGUS) a g. diagnosed by electrophoresis of serum of asymptomatic elderly persons who have no other evidence of plasma cell neoplasia; in 20% of cases it evolves into plasma cell malignancy.
- polyclonal g. a g. in which there is a heterogeneous increase in immunoglobulins involving more than one cell line; may be caused by any of a variety of inflammatory, infectious, or neoplastic disorders.

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gam·mop·a·thy gam-'äp-ə-thē n, pl -thies a disorder characterized by a disturbance in the body's synthesis of antibodies <multiple myeloma is a type of monoclonal \gammopathy>

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gam·mop·a·thy (gam-opґə-the) [gamma globulin + -pathy] a condition marked by disturbed immunoglobulin synthesis.

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