A minute fovea or pit. [Mod. L. dim. of L. fovea, pit]
- f. coccygea [TA] SYN: coccygeal f..
- coccygeal f. [TA] a depression in the skin over the coccyx caused by the caudal retinaculum. SYN: f. coccygea [TA], coccygeal dimple, postanal dimple.
- f. gastrica [TA] SYN: gastric pit.
- granular foveolae [TA] pits on the inner surface of the skull, along the course of the superior sagittal sinus, in which are lodged the arachnoidal granulations. SYN: foveolae granulares [TA], granular pits, pacchionian depressions.
- foveolae granulares [TA] SYN: granular foveolae.
- f. ocularis SYN: f. of retina.
- f. papillaris the minute depression sometimes seen at the apex of a papilla of the kidney where a papillary duct opens into a calix.
- f. of retina [TA] the central portion of the central retinal fovea that contains cones only. SYN: f. retinae [TA], f. ocularis.
- f. retinae [TA] SYN: f. of retina.
- f. suprameatalis SYN: suprameatal triangle.
- f. suprameatica [TA] SYN: suprameatal triangle.

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fo·ve·o·la fō-'vē-ə-lə n, pl -lae -.lē or -las a small pit specif one of the pits in the embryonic gastric mucosa from which the gastric glands develop
fo·ve·o·lar -lər adj

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(in anatomy) a small depression.

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fo·ve·o·la (fo-veґo-lə) gen. and pl. foveґolae [L., dim. of fovea] a small pit or depression. foveolar adj

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